Hot and Cold Sauces

There are sauces used to pour over certain foods to bring moisture and extra flavour to the meal, other thicker sauces are added to the side of the plate and accompany a cut or few slices of meat. There are the sauces that are an integral part of the dish, whilst cold sauces or dressings are used to liven up salads and cold meats.


It is difficult to pinpoint when people first made a fruit spread. Ancient civilizations were known to set a variety of foods in the sun to dry in order to preserve them for later use. One of the first recorded mentions of jam making dates to the Crusades whose soldiers brought the process back from their journeys in the Middle East.


It's difficult to trace the exact origins of Indian pickle. Long before refrigeration and canning made it possible to preserve foods for a long time, ancient civilisations had discovered that the secret to increasing the longevity of perishable foods was to dry them in the sun and cure them with salt or immerse them in brine.

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Shizzel is a rapid rising food brand in India now. Shizzel presents range of packaged food products like home made pickles, chutneys, ketchup, jams (mix-fruit, strawberry, orange), ambi panna, sauces. salad dressings. It contains no artificial flavours and are made from best quality fruits and vegetables. Along with the taste , these products provide some amazing health benefits like increasing hemoglobin from ketchup made from fresh tomatoes , improved digestion by consuming pickles and vital nutrients are provided by jams . read more...

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